No more boring bars!

The bar is the most repeatedly visited spot at your party.

Let's make it unforgettable!


When the Happy Horse rolls up to your event, our bartenders will be handing out more than craft beer and delicious cocktails, we'll be delivering dazzling smiles and starring in your guest's Instagram feeds. 


Now you know what awesome looks like, there's no going back. Let's party!



Great Vibes, No Worries!

Ok, charm aside, our bartenders will be serving up happy vibes and tasty sips for your party, minus the worries. We'll bring the bar, and the supplies (except for the alcohol*), and create an outstanding beverage menu. Got an Uncle Charlie who has a tendency to chug-a-lug a bit too much sometimes? Yeah, we all have Uncle Charlies and Aunt Boozies.  We've got you. We'll handle it.


*uh wait, what? What about alcohol??  Yeah, it's a Michigan Liquor Commission thing, no liquor licenses for mobile bars. Boo. But it is ok for the Host to purchase their own alcohol for private parties.
We can take it from there, and start slinging the drinks. And did we mention that you'll be buying it at cost? 
That'll save you a ton of cash!  Let the good times roll!


I'm Wendy,
owner of Happy Bar!

People likely will describe me as being "real," playful, always sharing smiles and jokes as I serve you. I'm a person who connects with others quickly, a fast friend. That's what it's all about for me, forming relationships, working my butt off to gain your trust and make your event special.

I've been taking care of people my whole life and my experience in customer service runs deep into the retail, entertainment & hospitality industries. 

I am here for you from start to finish, covering all the details, planning your bar menu, and creating special touches that will delight you and your guests. 


Although technically I may be a bartender, I would much rather be known as a people-tender.

That's what I love to do!.

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Happy Bar Services

Rockford, Michigan

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